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ESS Rebrands to Bring to Light and Emphasize All the Great Benefits It Offers as a Proven Airborne Pathogen Eliminator

New York, NY, March 4, 2021Environmental Service Solutions (ESS), the gold standard of clean that identifies, eradicates and protects against harmful pathogens including COVID-19, today announced the renaming and rebranding of their company, formerly known as Environmental Surface Solutions. The choice to change from ‘surface’ to ‘service’ emphasizes the company’s ability to not only eliminate contact pathogens but also airborne pathogens. The company is highly regarded for eradicating pathogens, including the flu, the common cold, staph infection, bacteria, and mold from air and surfaces (including door/cabinet handles, remotes, bookcases, bathroom and kitchen surfaces) with its field-tested and certified Pro Oxide® solution, ensuring complete coverage and cleanliness. 

“It’s well known that airborne pathogens make up at least 95 percent of all pathogens,” said Mike Taylor, CEO and founder of Environmental Service Solutions. “Following COVID-19, we knew we needed to change our name from Environmental Surface Solutions to Environmental Service Solutions to better explain the breadth of our sanitization services. ESS is so much more than just a basic cleaning service. We provide peace of mind and a level of cleanliness that not only meets but exceeds governmental standards. Working with the ESS family is a long-term, cost-effective solution for our clients, helping them to maintain top-tier hygienic standards and avoid recontamination from harmful pathogens.”

ESS’s Pro Oxide® solution is on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) List N of products proven effective in killing the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), when used according to the label directions. Pro Oxide® is a chlorine dioxide solution applied via an electrostatic spray technology carried backpacks and handheld devices. The process positively charges atoms that wrap around high-touch areas, which may otherwise be missed by a mop, rag or pump sprayer. 

ESS serves a broad customer base, providing services to commercial clients, such as restaurants, schools and nursing homes. More recently, recreational facilities, concert venues and sporting arenas have become mainstream clientele, particularly following the COVID-19 outbreak. Additional clients include everything from hotels to multifamily properties, large single family homes, hospitals, prisons and more.  

ESS serves a broad customer base and has effectively eradicated airborne pathogens from many large scale locations, including but not limited to: The Vanderheyden School, a boarding school in Rensselaer County of the State of NY; Schodack Central School District, where a crew of ESS techs spent hours sanitizing and disinfecting school buildings to safely welcome back students and staff; Rensselaer County Correctional Facility, where ESS treated and disinfected over 25,000 square feet of the facility – in record time without having to relocate prisoners; and Van Rensselaer Manor, an 830,000-square-foot nursing home and rehabilitation facility in update NY. 


Environmental Service Solutions (ESS), formerly Environmental Surface Solutions, is THE gold standard of clean. We exist to assist our clients in identifying, eradicating and eliminating harmful airborne and surface pathogens (including COVID-19) onsite through electrostatic application. Our environmentally-safe solution provides peace of mind and a level of cleanliness that exceeds even government standards. ESS’ solutions are FDA-approved, food-surface safe and proven COVID-19 eliminators included within the EPA’s List N. We are proud to receive the highest levels of recognition in the fight against airborne and surface pathogens. Whether enlisted by a restaurant, clinic, hospital, sports facility, school or anything in between, we create protocols for total environmental safety to protect against harmful pathogens and prevent recontamination. As the sustainability of our planet is important to us, we do not put biocides into the environment. We oxidize through a non-noxious, non-corrosive, physical kill of the pathogen. Since 2011, we have leveraged sophisticated science to rid locations of all sizes from viruses, bacteria and other elements that cause harmful diseases. Learn more and/or schedule a consultation with us at