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Representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Taj Gibson Foundation, Creative Sports Concepts, Environmental Surface Solutions, NYPAL, and Ingersoll Cornerstone Community Center, Join Together to Create a Safe and Mindful Ice-Skating Event to Bring Happiness Back to the Kids of the Brooklyn Community

Brooklyn, New York (January 29, 2021) – The Taj Gibson Foundation, founded by well-known and loved NBA power forward Taj Gibson, is hosting the 2nd annual Fort Green on Ice event at Ingersoll Houses in Brooklyn. The event brings a 5,000 square foot ice skating rink in front of Ingersoll Houses, creating an opportunity for kids and families in the Brooklyn community to have fun and feel a sense of normalcy in a COVID-safe environment. Gibson, who grew up in Ingersoll Houses, says the event was made possible by Environmental Surface Solutions, known as the “Gold Standard of Clean™”.

ESS is donating its onsite electrostatic application to the event – which eradicates harmful airborne and surface pathogens (including COVID-19) from the air. This will ensure that all surfaces at the event are clean and COVID-free. ESS will also spray equipment to carefully clean each pair of ice skates before use and will regularly clean the seating around the rink. To encourage social distancing, no more than ten people will be allowed on the rink at any given time. Event organizers will also distribute facemasks and other PPE to those in attendance who need them.

ESS is an FDA-approved food surface safe, proven COVID-19 eliminator included within the EPA’s List N and are proud sponsors of this weekend’s event, increasing COVID-safety for kids and families.

Additionally, representatives from the New York City Mayor’s office, NYPD, Ingersoll Cornerstone Community Center and more will all be there to help make this free event enjoyable and memorable for kids!

WHEN: Saturday, January 30 and Sunday January 31, 2021


Ingersoll Houses

16 Fleet Walk

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Schedule Highlights:

Show Hours

  • Doors Open – Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


  • Speak with Environmental Surface Solutions and the Taj Gibson Foundation
  • Speak with kids attending the event
  • Photograph and Video Environmental Surface Solutions solution deployment
  • On-location photo opportunities with attendees and influencers


The Taj Gibson Foundation provides resources and inspiration to the youth of New York City to help keep them healthy and to help them reach their full potential in life. Through fundraising and networking, it is our goal to enrich the lives of the next generation of scholars and athletes. We build into each neighborhood with sporting events, clothing and toy drives, and reinforcement of a healthy lifestyle. We partner with organizations that align with our values to collaboratively improve the lives of the builders of our future.


Environmental Surface Solutions (ESS) is THE “gold standard of clean.” We exist to assist our clients in identifying, eradicating and eliminating harmful airborne and surface pathogens (including COVID-19) onsite through electrostatic application. Our environmentally-safe solution provides peace of mind and a level of cleanliness that exceeds government standards. ESS is FDA-approved food surface safe, proven COVID-19 eliminator included within the EPA’s List N. We are proud to receive the highest levels of recognition in the fight against airborne and surface pathogens. Whether enlisted by a restaurant, clinic, hospital, sports facility, school or anything in between, we create protocols for total environmental safety to protect against harmful pathogens and prevent recontamination. As the sustainability of our planet is important to us, we do not put biocides into the environment. We oxidize through a non-noxious, non-corrosive, physical kill of the pathogen. Since 2011, we have leveraged sophisticated science to rid locations of all sizes from viruses, bacteria and other elements that cause harmful diseases. Learn more and/or schedule a consultation with us at

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