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Once disinfected, a photo-catalytic antimicrobial coating is applied to provide a comprehensive solution to protect surfaces from the degrading effects and costs associated with dangerous bacteria and pathogens. This product combines several proprietary

technologies that provides the next generation solution to mitigating microbial surface contamination. Our chemistry provides the ability to prevent potential issues of microbial growth and provide long-term protection on virtually any surface!



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We Identify: Existing contamination level with Department of Health approved surface testing prior to treatment.

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We Eradicate: Deploying a non-noxious EPA approved NON-DISCRIMINATORY pathogen eliminator with our Aeras Electrostatic delivery system enveloping space (Proven blind clinical lab showing known SARS/COVID19 Elimination).

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We Protect: Utilizing a nano-level Microbiostatic coating creating a residual barrier of protection.

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Step 1

Pre-Treatment Walkthrough To Identify Potential Issues and/or Microbial Contamination Prior to Treatment

Step 2

Verify All Surfaces Are Clean and Free of Dust and Debris

Step 3

Ensure Adequate Ventilation and HVAC Circulation / Humidity Levels

Step 4

Remove Organics & Visible Contamination From Surfaces

Step 5

Identification of Organic / Inorganic Odors & Design Removal Protocol

Step 6

Make Sure All Mechanical and Electrical Components/Connections Are Properly Covered or Protected

Step 7

Isolation & Containment of Treatment Area

Step 8

Complete Disinfection of Surfaces Utilizing Proprietary EPA Registered Disinfectants

Step 9

Application of a Long-Term Photo-catalytic Antimicrobial Coatings to Approved Surfaces and Equipment

Step 10

Final Inspection of Facility For Proper Application and Coverage of Surfaces

Step 11

All Protective Equipment Used By Our Certified Applicators Are In Compliance With OSHA, EPA, And NIOSH Standards.

Step 12

All Product Documentation Is Readily Available To Present to Client Upon Request


Our certified technicians sanitize the environment, utilizing the most advanced EPA registered products, which eliminate all harmful pathogens that are transmitted in facilities. While other disinfectants are narrowed in scope, these hospital-grade disinfectants ensure that any existing microbial contamination is completely controlled and surfaces are left at the highest level of clean.



Bacterial outbreaks or disasters can happen at a moment’s notice, causing potentially life threatening situations. Environmental Service Solutions is there in your time of need to identify, disinfect and protect your facility, students, and staff from dangerous pathogenic bacteria, mold, mildew, virus and other IAI’s. Our decontamination teams are highly skilled and certified to promptly and effectively attack microbial contamination at the source utilizing superior application technology and next generation surface disinfectants